Sandwich Menu `

Craving something out of the norm?  Our gourmet sandwiches will hit the spot.  A phrase we hear often is, "That was the best sandwich I've ever had!" 


Hosting a party?  Our catering platters are designed to not only be delicious, but visually inspiring as well.  



Mmmm. Cheese.  Courtney, our cheese specialist, is always on the lookout for great local and import cheeses.  Our selection changes seasonally and there is always something new to try! 



At Pamplemousse you will find an array of delectable gourmet treats, sauces, oils, pastas, salts, mixes and more.  From octopus to Aero Bars, we have you covered for your gourmet needs.

Gift Baskets

Just say no to hard candy and processed cheese.  At Pamplemousse, we make custom gift baskets. Pick the items you want in your basket, or give us an idea of what you are looking for and we'll do it for you.